Aprio’s ComplianceMonitor


Title agents can quickly and easily assess their ALTA Best Practices compliance by taking the ComplianceSuccess® Benchmark. To make that process more efficient for multi-location title agencies, Aprio has created ComplianceMonitor.

ComplianceMonitor makes it easy for regional and national title agencies to manage the compliance process across their organizations. The application’s interactive dashboard provides a single aggregated view of an organization’s benchmark results, thus eliminating the time-consuming process of compiling response data from multiple locations. Compliance managers can now track participation and progress down to the office level. ComplianceMonitor turns siloed data into actionable intelligence.

ComplianceMonitor provides the intelligence you need to:

  • Identify which offices have and have not completed the Benchmark and track compliance.
  • Create custom views by region, state or pillar to spot compliance trends across the organization.
  • Drill down to identify individual compliance issues by region, state and office.
  • Gain a consolidated view of benchmark responses by question.

Serving the needs of the title industry

ComplianceMonitor is the product of many discussions with HA&W clients in the title industry. They communicated that one of the primary barriers to becoming compliant was the time it took to manage the process. Spending time on compliance took valuable time away from servicing their customers.  HA&W developed ComplianceMonitor to provide a quick and easy way to collect and assess benchmark data with minimal disruption to day-to-day agent business operations. ComplianceMonitor was designed to quickly transform unstructured data from disparate sources into information, knowledge and insight that drive results.