Know What You Are Buying from a CPA

Make sure the report you are purchasing is suitable for
your lender and will not be rejected – now, or in the future!


What is a CPA attestation report?

Unlike a consulting report, an attestation report on ALTA Best Practices is similar to an audited or reviewed financial statement report. The CPA must be independent to the title agent. In attestation services, the CPA draws a conclusion about the reliability of a title agent’s assertion about compliance. The attestation report is based solely on ALTA’s Best Practices (“suitable criteria”).

What is a CPA consulting report?

Which would you rather rely on: an audited financial statement or an unaudited one? A consulting services report is similar to an unaudited financial statement. The CPA is NOT required to be independent for consulting services. The nature and scope of work for a consulting project is determined solely by the CPA and the title agent.

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